The vocational skill appraisal station of the special type of work in the non-ferrous industry was approved to be established.

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Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China issued a document and announced that it agreed to establish vocational skill appraisal stations for 7 specific types of work in non-ferrous metals and other industries. As one of the contractors of the new appraisal station, Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association will carry out various business tasks determined in the "Regulations on Vocational Skills Appraisal", and will be responsible for consulting services, information statistics and related training for vocational skills appraisal.

The appraisal grades of the approved vocational skill appraisal station include junior, middle, high, technician and senior technician. The scope of identification includes: monocrystalline silicon maker, monocrystalline silicon maker, non-ferrous metal smelter, non-ferrous metal caster, electrolytic refining worker, magnesium smelter, silicon smelter, tungsten and molybdenum smelter, titanium smelter, rare earth smelter, precious metal smelter, semiconductor raw material maker, polycrystalline maker, rolling raw material maker, metal rolling worker, pickling worker, metal heat treatment worker, pipe welder, finishing worker, metal wire material there are 27 kinds of drawing workers, metal extrusion workers, casting and rolling workers, single wafer processing workers, electronic water preparation workers, chemical inspection workers, material composition inspection workers and material physical properties inspection workers.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security requires all agencies to carefully organize and carry out vocational skills appraisal within the scope of approval. Strengthen the management of appraisal stations, strictly implement professional standards, strengthen appraisal and examination management, and ensure the quality of appraisal.

It is understood that many enterprises in the industry have linked the assessment of employees' vocational skills, qualifications and treatment, which has stimulated the enthusiasm of employees to improve their own technical level and promoted the improvement of the quality of employees in the whole industry.